Niurca Márquez has an extremely wide range, as a creator and performer in flamenco and other contemporary dance forms. In 2009 she became part of an international movement that is addressing extended forms in flamenco and reclaiming the art form’s liaisons with political and social discourse. She possesses a rare combination of physicality and intellect and a deep understanding of her work’s historical placement and potential implications within a contemporary dance setting. The ease with which she inhabits undefined spaces allows her to create a world that goes beyond the movement to a place of essence where art is not separate from life. 


She has performed and conducted workshops internationally that integrate elements of tradition, awareness, improvisation and organic movement of the “bata de cola” and other traditional elements of flamenco. She has been an Associate Artist in Residence with both Wally Cardona, Liz Lerman and Victoria Marks at the Atlantic Center for the Arts, an Artist-in-Residence at Inkub8 Performance Space and has worked with Keith Hennessy on his work surrounding “Potential Shamanism” in improvisation. In 2009 she was invited to perform original choreography (2XDisplaced) and participate in ‘talleres de creación’ at the first-ever Festival of Experimental Flamenco (Flamenc Empiric – Barcelona), as well as, the International Dance Residency at Art Omi (NY). In 2010 she debuted “Sevilla Mon Amour” with contemporary flamenco guitarist and composer Jose Luis Rodriguez at the 2010 Bienial of Flamenco in Seville.  Immediately thereafter, she relocated to the US and collaborated in the creation of “Espacios Intimos” presented as part of “Miami On Stage” and Tigertail Production’s 2012 Season. In 2012 she was asked to join the collective of artists involved in Liz Lerman’s and Jawole Zollar’s “Must Do Now” Project. Since then she debuted and toured “Of Essence and Time/De la esencia y el tiempo,” a collaborative work that explores the common roots of Sephardic music, Spanish folklore and Flamenco, collaborated with Jose Luis Rodriguez on his new work “Resonancias” that deals with family legacies and their impact on our art-making, and debuted “The History House”, an evening-length multimedia work that explores cultural memory and how it is passed down from one generation to the next.


For the past four years she has been working tirelessly on presenting new works that shed light on the female body and its links to notions of beauty and sensations in flamenco within a contemporary framework including a collaboration with a visual artist that examines the resilience of women after abuse, a site-specific work on a staircase that centers around preconceived notions and stereotypes surround the traditional “bata de cola” in flamenco and a piece commissioned for contemporary dancers with no prior flamenco training based on the importance of language, particularly popular sayings and how these shape our cultural frameworks. 


Niurca is also an informed articulate writer and most recently presented part of her work on the connections between political propaganda and the development of contemporary flamenco at Keene State College while in residence there. Her recent essay on the vanguard in contemporary flamenco has been chosen for inclusion in a new tome published by MacFarllan Press. She holds a BA in Dance, a BA in Spanish, an MA in Cultural Studies and has trained professionally both in the US and Spain. She has been a guest lecturer at institutions of higher learning and conferences, developed curriculum for a global perspective in dance and utilizing dance as a bridge for area studies, developed teacher-training workshops and has been an  Artist-in-Residence at the University of Kansas and Keene State College.



Jose Luis is an award-winning guitarist, recognized in all the disciplines of the Flamenco Art. He is a composer, virtuoso and performer whose original compositions range from the most traditional up to the most experimental forms in flamenco music.


Following the oral traditions, at 15 years of age, he was fortunate to become the prized pupil of the legendary Mario Escudero.


In 1995 he appeared in Felix Grande's book "Agenda Flamenca" as one of the best guitarists in Spain.


He was the musical director for the Ballet Cristina Hoyos for ten years (the star of Carlos Saura films) and has accompanied numerous famous Flamenco singers and dancers such as, Carmen Linares, Jose Mercé, Arcángel, El Pele, Argentina, Manolo Marin, Pastora Galván, Isabel Bayón, Antonio Canales, Farruquito, Buika and Belen Maya among others.


Additionally, he recently collaborated with the LA Philharmonic and Maestro Gustavo Dudamel, under the artistic direction of Siudy Garrido Company in El Amor Brujo.


In 2015, Jose Luis debuted a piece of musical history at the Miami Dade Auditorium entitled "Avalon" - Suite for Flamenco Guitar and Orchestra, in collaboration with Alex Conde (arrangements/orchestration). This composition is the first of its kind composed in the US by Spanish artists with a national and international cast.


He is also the co-founder of Nu Flamenco Collaborative, an organization that aims to introduce US audiences to the cultural heritage of flamenco and its emerging artistic expressions. 


Jose Luis is currently working on the Soundtrack for the movie "Finding Compás" by Kathy Douglas and was nominated for the US Artist Fellowship.




  • Andalusí (1987)

  • Compilation Select (2002)

  • Memoria Andaluzí (2005)

  • 10X1 (Grammy Awards Finalist 2011)

  • Escenas de Yerma (2016)


  • National Prize of Young Interpreters in Seville’s Biennial Festival, 1984

  • National Prize of Jerez, 1985

  • Huelva Critic’s Prize, 1988

  • Hospitalet National Prize, 1989

  • Hospitalet City Medal, 1990

  • Finalist of the Giraldillo for Guitar in Seville, 1990

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